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Aug 2 - picture gallery

Cerina gives Mistress Claire a much needed foot massage to relax her feet before she worships them. She rubs her Mistress's tired feet, and then adoringly licks them, and sucks on her toes and her heels, massaging her feet with her tongue.





Jul 29 - video clip

It's a beautiful hot day, and Mistress Claire is sunning herself by the pool. Cerina wants to make her Mistress even more relaxed, so she asks if she can worship her sexy feet. She licks Mistress Claire's soft wrinkled soles, sucks on her bare toes, and lovingly licks her perfect feet.





Jul 25 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire dangles her feet in the pool and tells Cerina to worship them. She surprises her slave girl by putting her other foot on top of her head, and forcing her head underwater. She holds her head under for a while and then lets her back up to take a breath and get another mouth full of her beautiful bare foot. When Cerina is least expecting it, Mistress Claire steps on her head again and forces her head underwater, and continues to do breath play with her for several minutes, always allowing Cerina to lick her beautiful feet when she comes up gasping for air.





Jul 21 - video clip

Mistress Claire lets her slave girl have a little extra fun today. It's a very hot day, and perfect weather for some sexy foot worship in the pool. Cerina has never been allowed to swim in Mistress Claire's pool before so this is a special treat for her. She eagerly licks Claire's feet and suck on her toes. Mistress Claire floats around the pool and makes Cerina swim to chase her feet so she can keep licking them.





Jul 17 - picture gallery

Slave Cerina was supposed to clean up the kitchen after Claire had a party and barbeque, but she is slacking off and doesn't have the kitchen anywhere near as clean as it should be. Mistress Claire beats her stupid slave girl very hard with a big metal spatula, leaving huge red welts all over her ass. Then she makes Cerina lick and worship her feet, and humiliates her by making her lick dirt off the floor.





Jul 13 - video clip

Sexy slave girl Cerena is worshiping her Mistress by the pool.





May 24 - picture gallery

Mistress Claire is playing with her favorite slave girl brandy bottoms while relaxing on her bed.





May 20 - video clip

Miss Claire brings brandy to her dining room on a leash and places her under her table, so she can service her tired feet.





May 16 - picture gallery

Sweaty sock smelling and foot worship by brandy bottoms.





May 12 - video clip

Sweaty sock smelling and foot worship by brandy bottoms.





May 8 - picture gallery

Foot worship and humiliation by Mistress Claire with her slave girl Brandy Bottoms.





May 4 - video clip

Miss Claire comes to the foot doctor and the nurse comes out and decides to check out Claire's feet for foot odor by smelling, licking and sucking her socks and feet.





Apr 30 - picture gallery

Brandy is cleaning Mistress Claire's feet with her tongue, then offers her head as Mistress Claire's footstool.





Apr 26 - video clip

Mistress Claire's masseuse provides massage and foot worship to her Mistress.






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